Hoard of the Dragon Queen

That just happened...

The evils of drinking...

Assessing the situation, Govenor Nighthill approached the group and asked for aid. Without missing a beat, the group agreed and even accepted a new member from the populace into their ranks.

After being told by Govenor Nighthill what needed doing, the group found themselves in a shallow sewer. The group's newest member, Pockets, lead the way…right into a rat swarm ambush.

With the rats dealt with, the group moved on to opening the door to the sewer and dealing with the raiders on the other side. A safe passage through the keeps blockage was established.

Requesting his need for prisoners to question, Nighthill sent the party out again to save the mill from raiders attempting to burn it down. Sensing something shady, the group approached with caution.

We left as the group was contemplating their next move to remove the raiders from the mill…


zorgon69 zorgon69

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