Hoard of the Dragon Queen

From Ambush to Ambush
After dealing with the failed ambush, the group made its way back to the keep. After arriving, a quite rose through the gathered refugees and guards as something was going on outside.
Making their way to the battlements with the mayor, the group noticed a lone figure standing amongst the gathered kobolds and cultists.
Showing off some captives, the massive figure issued a challenge to the defenders of the Keep. A fight for the lives of these prisoners.
Drumph quickly accepted and called for the gates to be opened.
A quick fight later, Drumph lay in the dirt at the feet of this massive dragonborn soldier (Don't worry kids, he lived). Being of the honorable type, he called for the release of the prisoners and ordered his "army" to leave.
It appeared as if the raiding party was just here for loot and treasure.
The morning after the attack, the group awoke to rebuilding and meetings with the Mayor and his entourage. Offering 250gp each, he hired the group to find the army's camp and find out where they are and how many of them there are.
On leaving, a man approached the group, concerned for his friend and mentor. He asked the group if they could please look for his and they agreed and started their trek.
Soon after they left, they spotted the distinct smoke of a campfire. Using stealth, the party executed a textbook ambush, leaving 8 kobolds and 4 cultists dead.
That just happened...
The evils of drinking...

Assessing the situation, Govenor Nighthill approached the group and asked for aid. Without missing a beat, the group agreed and even accepted a new member from the populace into their ranks.

After being told by Govenor Nighthill what needed doing, the group found themselves in a shallow sewer. The group's newest member, Pockets, lead the way…right into a rat swarm ambush.

With the rats dealt with, the group moved on to opening the door to the sewer and dealing with the raiders on the other side. A safe passage through the keeps blockage was established.

Requesting his need for prisoners to question, Nighthill sent the party out again to save the mill from raiders attempting to burn it down. Sensing something shady, the group approached with caution.

We left as the group was contemplating their next move to remove the raiders from the mill…

And so it begins

The group (because they don't have a name…50xp if you name yourselves.) traveled west to Greenest, a small town along the sword coast.

Upon arriving, the group saw a small army attacking the town with the aid of a DRAGON!

Being the heroes that they are, they charged into town to help.

Saving a guard (Bill) and a woman and her family, the group made their way to the keep at the center of town to help with defenses. There they met Governor Nighthill.

We end as the group is getting their wounds attended to and the Governor is discussing their mission…


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